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Workplace 1st Aid, CPR, AED
This OSHA-compliant Course includes both First Aid and CPR/AED. We will work with your Safety or Risk Manager to customize the course for your workplace, within American Heart Association Guidelines. Course is offered in both English and Spanish.
If you enroll six or more students we can come to your place of business and if there are 12 or more students the boss is free.
​Great for Team Building!

Pediatiric 1st Aid, CPR, AED

Pediatric First Aid and CPR is for Childcare Providers, Foster and Adoptive Parents, Teachers, Social Workers, Camp Counselors, Coaches, Family members and anyone who is responsible for the care of children.

Health Care Provider (BLS)
The Healthcare Provider Course is designed for Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, Firefighters, Nurses, Doctors, Dentists and anyone in the healthcare field.
This course is also needed for students entering the medical and dental fields.
Traditional Classroom

Available Classes

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At Helping Hand Health Education we offer a few different classes. If you are unsure what type of class you are looking for please call so we can help.