CPR/AED and First Aid Training

"Providing Quality Life-Saving CPR & 1st Aid Training for Our Community, Businesses and Medical Professionals"

Helping Hand Health Education, an American Heart Association Community Training program serving the Central Coast for  over 20 years. Our Instructors are Healthcare Professionals, EMTs and Paramedics working in the SLO area. Let our Instructors guide your company or group in a certified AHA course. Join one of our monthly scheduled classes at our Training site in Atascadero.  

At Helping Hand Health Education we offer a few different classes. If you are unsure what type of class you are looking for please call so we can help. 

March 29, 2020 
 We will still be holding the training for those who still need it due to the requirement to function for your job.  However, we are encouraging those who do not need the class within the next 30 days to please postpone or please do our online and skill session option. And please postpone if you are feeling unwell in any way.
A few options:
1) If you can, postpone your training until the restriction is lifted.  I will be happy to sign you up for our other training next month . 
2) Online and skill session.  This option is 2 part, part 1: online portion where you do the classroom portion of your training online (this portions will take you about 4 hours for HeartSaver CPR/AED and First Aid and 2 hours for BLS  but you can start and stop as needed) and Part 2: skill session where you will meet with an instructor 1 on 1 (help reduce contact with other except with your instructor).  Skill session portion will take your about 45-60 mins.  I will email you the online course code for you to complete prior to your skill session which we will set up an appointment time for.
3) If none of those is not an option, we will still be holding the scheduled class.  
Please call me if you have any question: 805-434-5360

*as always, our manikins are wiped and sanitized before and after class, we never use same one way valves or mask and we never do mouth to mouth. * 

Traditional Classroom
or On-line/skills session available.

Small Class sizes, flexible one-on-one skills session schedule/hours.

If you enroll six or more students we can come to your place of business and if there are 12 or more students the boss is free.
​Great for Team Building!

Helping Hand Health Education

7730 Morro Rd, Suite 103

Atascadero, CA 93446                                                                 Phone: Call or Text: 805-434-5360                                                     Email: Slocprtraining@gmail.com